Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Here's a factual normal ordinary blog post about home ed - Nov 06

From Monday, November 13, 2006

We had a great home ed meeting though the children all seemed a bit off-colour, mine especially. No, I'm not comparing them to orcs or suggesting they're bad people, it's just the time of year I think.

We didn't deliberately make anything or paint anything or do anything structured or preplanned, except drink coffee, but none of the children seemed bored and neither did any of the adults. Much running about happened including some interesting-looking things with straws and the parachute. Not quite sure what was going on there, but obviously the people involved knew and liked it, so that was good.

At ten to four everyone, including the children, just put everything away without anyone having to be asked or told. I love that, we all just did it. No coercion involved or needed. No complaining done, and there was a lot to put away. Nobody tried to avoid tidying up or left it for someone else to do - not even the 3 and 4 year-olds.

It occurred to me, while chatting with Lucy, that I haven't blogged about Lyddie's computer skills and I probably should. In the past few weeks she's learned how to locate and load up Paint, use the tools on it, create pictures with it, save them, copy them, open up her email interface, type out her friend's email address (6 letters long), paste a picture in, add a lot of typing that she can understand but nobody else can, add a variety of smileys, and send.

She's also discovered that she can look through emails she's sent and emails she's received and often goes through her 'old' pictures, enjoying looking at them again.

Apart from one or two questions to me which I briefly answered, all of this is self-taught. She just wanted to do it, so she learned by trial and error how to do it.

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