Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Today's Lyddie-ism - Nov 06

From Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lyddie: "I want a sandwich please, with mayo and the crust cut off and I want it cut into 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 pieces. No, four pieces. Like me. I'm four. Guess how old I am.

Me: You're four.

Lyddie: No, you have to guess. Like, ask and ask and when you need a clue, ask me for a clue.

Me: Ok. Are you three?

Lyddie: No.

Me: Are you five?

Lyddie: No. Ask me for a clue.

Me: Please can I have a clue?

Lyddie: OK. The clue is: I.......'m FOUR!

Me: You're FOUR!

Lyddie: YES! You guessed right! Now I'll guess how old you are. I'll ask and ask and when I need a clue, I'll ask you for a clue.

Me: OK.

Lyddie: Well, you're really old, so you must be.... six!

Me: No.

Lyddie: Seven?

Me: No.

Lyddie: ... Ten?

Me: No.

Lyddie: Can I have a clue please?

Me: Yes, I'm thirty-something.

Lyddie: Thirty-eight! You're thirty eight!

Me: YES! You guessed right!

Lyddie: And how old is Zara? I'm going to guess her too. Ten?

Me: No.

Lyddie: Can I have a clue?

Me: Something-teen. Ten years older than you. You're four, so she's....?

Lyddie: Thirteen!

Me: No. It's like four, but it has a teen at the end.

Lyddie: Three teen!

Me: No.

Lyddie. Well YOU guess.

Me: OK. Is she fourteen?

Lyddie: YES! You guessed RIGHT! Clever Mummy!

Then she gave me a big kiss and went off to eat her sandwich.

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