Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: What's happening? - June 05

From Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lyddie is desperate to visit a paper-making factory. She's absolutely obsessed with this, so I'm going to have to organise a visit. I don't know where her desire to do this has come from, but it was preceded by a series of questions about how paper is made. In fact, "How is _____ made?" and "What is _______ made out of?" are her favourite questions about everything and anything at the moment.

Zara has just insisted that Tom put her through a frantic, fast word-finding dictionary test. This was as a result of him using a word in an argument they were having that she was sure didn't exist and he challenged her to look the word up and then said she wasn't sufficiently adept at using the dictionary to be able to find anything anyway, so she wanted to prove him wrong. So a huge argument resulted in the exact learning exercise she probably needed to do. I must admit I'd been wondering whether she could use a dictionary well and quickly yet. Now I know she can.

Other news: we're going to the Skipton Gala tomorrow to hand out bright smiles and leaflets and I'm off to the theatre with my ex-sister-in-law to see I don't know what. I didn't get the details, as I've been drafted in at short notice to take the place of my ex-bro-in-law who can't make it.

Tom is tired out this morning so being very picky and pedantic and Ali is being quite adorable and witty. They seem to take turns.

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