Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: My [first] baby girl is a teenager!!! - May 05

From Sunday, May 29, 2005

13 years ago, I made my husband shift faster than I thought him capable, just by breezily uttering the immortal words: "Oh, they're about 2 minutes apart" when we were still 12 miles away from the hospital. If you ever want to truly frighten a man, this seems to be effective.

Zara taught me how to give birth. She was the first one to be born when *she* wanted to be born, it was an easy 3-hour labour (we did make the hospital) and I was home in time to cook tea.

Other sweet memories of that day:

Stepfather making me and all the children pose for photos, for half an interminable, uncomfortable. exhausting impossible hour, about 3 hrs after I gave birth. When they were handing out empathy, he was at the back of the queue;

She was a plump baby! 8lbs 12 oz, the biggest of them all. The boys had been long and bony, but she was fleshy and round;

I couldn't get over her being a girl, having erratically convinced myself I could only have boys. I only had blue clothes for her - Tom and Ali's old ones. It hadn't occurred to me to get anything pink, or even white. She had to look like a boy for the first few days, until someone bought a pink dress;

She kind of named herself. 'Zara' wasn't in my mind at all - we'd been arguing about names for the full 9 months as usual but that one hadn't come up - and when they asked me for her name I just looked at her and out came 'Zara'. It's *definitely* her name. Even her dad didn't argue.

And now she's a teenager. She looks different! She actually looks just like a teenager!

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