Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: The Day Progresses - Feb 05

From Tuesday 15th February, 2005

After the room-tidying, the hair-cutting and the marathon washing-up (see comments here) Lyddie and I played with pegboards and the build-a-story puzzle (that I can never find a link for) and read some stories. Her favourite is currently the beautiful Song of Celestine, based on the Celestine Prophecy. It's the only story book in which she can stand to wait for me to finish reading all the words before we turn the page. Then she found a jar of sea-shells, which we tipped out and sorted into shiny, white, pink, pointy, rounded and curly piles on the dining table.

Zara has been experimenting with the new laser-pointer she bought last night and has discovered that plant leaves and people's fingers let light through. She then searched through Eyewitness Guides to try & find out why this is. I don't know whether she knows yet, but she's into the shells now, marvelling that they used to have tiny creatures living in them and wondering how they became so colourful. I couldn't tell her.. mineral salts? Time for another book or a websearch I guess.

Ali has been to town & just returned with mysterious-looking shopping. Tom has gone to work. I have to tell you about my Sims in a separate post (for categories' sake!) and then we ARE going to the field, even if only to empty the kitchen compost into one of the bins.

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