Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Autonomous learning in action - March 05

From Thursday 31st March, 2005

Had to blog this thrilling, exciting conversation which has just taken place between me and Zara: She asked me what an adjective is, and what a verb is!

It's very exciting. I carefully answered only the question I was asked, resisting the strong temptation to strike while the iron was hot and rapidly describe every other grammatical identity known to man. I gave a few examples. She gave some others, to show she understood, then she went away.

Now I'm tortured. Why did she ask? I mean, it's great that she did, but what's she doing? Ohhhhhh it's not my business, I mustn't interfere, must just let her get on with it but honestly, it's just as hard to resist jumping up and down with excitement when they do show signs of interest & self-directed progress than it is to stop displaying anxiety when they don't! And of course they're both just as damaging to the little spark of curiosity.

So.... I'm chilled about this. It's no big deal. Even if she was the one I've been secretly worrying about for ages.

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