Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: A ride in an ambulance - March 05

From Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I popped up to the bathroom at about 11ish, and Lyddie came up with me. Now, Zara's room is usually kept locked and her make-up usually kept out of reach, but on this occasion it was on the bed and the room was unlocked. I was desperate for a pee so I did that, and Lyddie trotted into Zara's room picked up some nail varnish, mistook it for eye-liner and painted her right eye with a huge dollop of it. She screamed, I ran through, smelled the nail polish straight away and instinctively licked it all out of her eye as I was running downstairs with her to call 999.

12 minutes later and one exciting ambulance ride later, her eye was empty of nail varnish and an eye doctor was peering into it with a light, checking that it was all gone and didn't look damaged. My breath smelled a bit funny, but it was worth it. She's OK, no damage done thank goodness. We walked home and found that Ali had fallen off his bike and was covered in bloody grazes and very shocked. Zara also gave herself an electric shock on her TV.

There, I think we've had our 3 things, don't you?

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