Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The squiggles

The baby is getting frustrated, trying to do physical work while I'm reading and writing. These little squiggles mean nothing to her, of course, and she can't understand why I want to sit tap tap tapping when there's real work mummying to be done. So she sighs and complains and does it for me.

Looking at it from the outside, through her eyes, I see that my physical work seems to consist largely of moving clothes from one place to another in a way that makes very little sense. Busily opening and closing drawers and cupboards. Carrying things around. Hmm.

It's a relief when she brings me a book to read with her - an interface. Common ground. Welcome to the world of the squiggles.

Yesterday we had fun seeking out April Fools, though nobody here is quite of the age or inclination this year to be playing any real tricks on real people.

The older ones of us here have been learning, thinking and talking about economy, poverty and the rising price in food. I think we need to start properly growing our own, for sure.


Blogger Elaine said...

It aint just the cost of food it is the fact no supermarket bought veg/ fruit actually tastes as it should We have practically given up on potatoes as they all taste metallic

3:49 am, April 05, 2008  
Blogger Gill said...

(((Elaine))) up in the night too! Are you doing any planting this year too then? I think we're going to try again, in the hope the rabbits etc don't eat them all this year. We'll put some potatoes in a bit of the field and some other stuff nearer the house. Less space there, but it's easier to keep an eye on.

5:02 am, April 05, 2008  
Blogger Elaine said...

Erm maybe not growing food thought rice may be a possibility. No I hate it when mud makes it over the top of me wellies methinks we will turn it into a bushy oasis though having said that Jens has said that if we take the top few inches off the lawn and lay gravel then replace the top that it will possibly drain. Trouble is looking out out back the hillside dont look too high but it is stepped and is actually very very high and I dont think anything we do will prevent water making it's way to the sea and to be honest I dont really want to stop it. To live somewhere so beautiful and then attempt to interfere with the process that created the beauty seems kinda warped so I will just keep planting willow and bushes and hope they can swim.

10:54 pm, April 05, 2008  

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