Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Action pics interspersed with life

I keep a diary, as I've mentioned before - it's just an A4, hard-backed, lined book that I've always got on the go. When we go out it goes with us, because I find I need somewhere to jot down reminders, thoughts and notes to myself in one place, where I know I can find them later. Once the book is full it goes on the shelf and I start another. Each one usually lasts about 3 months and every entry is dated - often even with the time recorded too.

The interesting thing is that Lyddie has started drawing a lot, and has realised that I can be relied upon to always have my diary with me and that it's something to write in which is saved and important. So she wants to put her pictures in it. This is fine by me - it's a great way of recording her progress without doing anything special like opening a new file or anything. Convenient all round.

But now the really interesting thing is that she's started doing action pictures. I love watching her doing them, and when I think back, the others all went through this phase at her sort of age too. It's really hard to describe, but I'll try my best. Well, I'll scan her latest one and describe how she drew it:

There are people in there, and she's talking all the time as she's drawing, describing another person coming into the story as she draws them. For some reason they become fairies in the story, so she gives them all wings and then big black clouds develop and it rains hard - drawing the raindrops involved a lot of banging of the pen onto the paper. Then the sun came out with big sweeping rays, and I think something exploded on the floor in this one too.

I just find it fascinating that she's drawing a picture, but it's a 'happening' in itself. The picture is an action story. Hmmm. Did I explain that properly? ;-) If you're sitting there shaking your head and wondering what I'm on about, then I probably didn't. Oh well, I knew what I meant!


Blogger Tech said...

Yep, I know exactly what you mean, Ben does it and both girls did too :)

5:54 pm, July 04, 2007  
Blogger Elaine said...

Short stories in their purest form

6:32 pm, July 04, 2007  
Blogger Ruth said...

I know exactly what you mean too. Ben does it all the time. The others did when they were younger:)

8:19 pm, July 04, 2007  
Blogger Gill said...

Oh! Glad you all knew what I meant :-)

9:35 pm, July 04, 2007  

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