Wednesday, December 27, 2006

That bank balance I finally got to grips with..

... is excitingly, dramatically balanced at the moment!

We managed Christmas in its entirety without busting the budget (which is more, I think, than the Chancellor of the Exchequor managed) but things are scarily close to the wire now, in a not really scary at all sort of way.

Basically, if the mortgage goes out seasonally late and the DSS money comes in seasonally early (both on Friday), we'll be OK. If not, we'll get charged £25 per 'illegal' transaction, bless HSBC's Christmas cotton socks.

It's not *really* scary because Tom is rolling in both Christmas and earned cash, and is more than willing to sub the household accounts if needs be, but I just like living dangerously ;-)

So I'm phoning the bank twice a day to check the balance until the weekend.

Well, you have to get your kicks one way or another and I stopped watching Eastenders ages ago. (Someone killed Pauline...? So I gather.) Still listening to the Archers though - imagine David and Ruth's cow having triplets! On Christmas day! Humph, my bank balance drama beats that into a tin hat any day :-)

By the way, if anyone's starting to worry about us, don't! We have enough food in our kitchen to feed the 5,000 and BT owes me £80. What are the chances of me getting that back any time soon, then? ^^

*Thursday update*: The Child Benefit went in four days early! We are saved. I was *almost* disappointed when I phoned for the balance this morning, but not really ;-)


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