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Re-post: Never mind my personal boundaries - Oct 10

Monday, October 10, 2005

- which is what I was originally going to blog about until I heard Tony Blair (et al)'s latest wheeze. They want to confiscate the housing (public or private) of repeatedly misbehaving families and forcibly keep them in gated, locked ghettos, with resident social workers, security guards, fully CCTVd with curfews.

Does this remind anyone of anything? I mean, isn't this how the Nazis began their segregation of the Jews? And OK, this isn't a religious group and many people think such treatment is necessary and deserved, and I do have sympathy for anyone who is terrorised in their own home.

There are problems, and they do need sorting out, but like this? By tightening the noose further? Surely the test of a civilised society is how it deals with its miscreants. Locking them up and forcing them to live under 24hr surveillance is not a civilised way to treat people.

We have to look at the cause of the problems. Why do young people want to play loud music and smash things up? Why do some parents become so disassociated from their children as to have no influence over them? Why do some people just want to get 'blotto'ed on drink and drugs? Surely it's not rocket science.

Take a new baby, give it everything it needs - 24/7 mother love, feeds and cuddles on demand. Carry it everywhere. Allow it to find its freedom in its own time, in its own way. Provide it with a secure home, parents who have time to always be there. Choices. No enforced separations from the people it's bonded with. Allow families to spend their days together. This matters more than money! It's vitally important for a young person's wellbeing to feel loved and wanted and safe. Take that away and all you have left is a wild animal.

Nursery schools, schools, after-school clubs - anything the child attends on anything other than a purely voluntary basis is abusive and causes this sickness in our societies.

And if you take a sick family and then add 24/7 social worker intervention, with CCTV and security guards ( - with guns? If not now, it's the logical next step) the resulting concoction will be explosive.

It's madness. Apparently most of the Cabinet is against it, including Charles Clarke, who is having his opinions overlooked, according to my newspaper.

What happens if these families still refuse to comply? Their children will be confiscated and then what's left of their liberty, I suppose.

I can't believe we're even thinking about doing this to fellow human beings.

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