Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More to 'not learn' about

Have we had enough 'not learning' yet? ("Are we there yet?")

Today we had some more visitors to 'not learn' from. Actually, this time we didn't dash for the books for once. We were just all glued to the windows, spellbound.

It's a deer, for those who can't tell due to the poor camera and the even worse photographer ;-) Our neighbour saw some a few years ago there (just below the house) but nobody had seen any since then, so we assumed they weren't here any more. But this one was quite brave and stayed around for a good ten minutes, munching on young saplings.

We also finally got a pic (of sorts) of those woodpigeons:

Eat your heart out Bill Oddy, huh? They sat for ages too, like deliberate visitors. If I was superstitious, I'd be researching animal totems by now. *Grabs animal totem book...*

Oh and one more picture. Lyddie was busy with some tissue paper and a skipping rope on the dining room floor for five minutes. She set them out in the shape below, and took some time changing it slightly, just carefully getting it exactly right.

"There, Mummy," she stood back to show me. "It's you!"

"..... Oh! Thanks. Wow. So it is...!" I said. Worriedly.


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