Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Mind body spirit - Aug 05

From Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've been behind with my finances in the past week or two and sure enough I've felt it in my lower spine. When I say 'behind with my finances' I mean that I've let slide my regular daily habit of checking transactions though the telephone banking service and lost track of where things are. This came about because of a large amount of outgoings in August mostly due to Hostess Anxiety, which is a disease whose primary symptoms include feeling it necessary to spend 3x more than necessary on food, drink, house and person decorations (flowers and new clothes) to appease or charm visitors.

So I think I've overspent and know I'm likely to overspend in the following week for the same reason and sort of deliberately don't look at the bank balance. Head right in the sand. This is ultimately, of course, a more terrifying position to take than just confronting the stark facts and dealing with them would be, because the imagination blows things out of all proportion and so we put off the inevitable for even longer thereby getting into a vicious circle. All this takes place slightly below the surface of consciousness, and we can carry on our daily lives with no sign of it other than a growing underlying sense of anxiety.

But when the problem is financial we feel unsupported and precarious. For some reason (best explained by Caroline Myss et al) this feeling manifests itself in the lower spine, weakening it and causing pain and discomfort - exactly what I've been suffering from increasingly in recent weeks.

So yesterday (the day my sister boarded her flight home) I grabbed the bull by its horns, phoned the bank and dealt with the situation. Within hours I felt my spine unlock and today it feels blissfully flexible, all sensation and good health restored. I'm no better off financially, in fact I know I'll have to spend less money than I'd comfortably like to in September to remedy August's overspend, so it's not extra money that's needed to regain a feeling of wellbeing - just confronting the situation and taking control.

Now I just have to work out why my left knee is playing up. Left side body = right side brain, so it's something spiritual/ emotional rather than physical.... Could be 3rd chakra, according to Anatomy of the Spirit. Trust, self esteem, sensitivity to criticism, personal honour. Hmmmmm.........

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