Friday, November 17, 2006

Mad world

I've put the next 8 posts in a category called 'Mad World', because most of them contain the term, or are about it. They're my thoughts about various day-to-day issues, from the sublime to the ridiculous to the downright scary - mostly regarding the creeping infringement of the state on our 'normal' lives.

This is the section where I most miss the comments - they quite often make the post. A lot of them ended up being collaborative efforts, where we put the world to rights (or wrongs, depending on your point of view!) If you can remember what you said and you want to repeat it, feel free to do so! I know on the traffic one someone posted a link to the town in Europe where they've totally removed all the traffic signals as an experiment to see what would happen. I'd especially love to see that one again.

I do still have most of the comments from the most recent one: "State -v- family: this week's battlegrounds", and have pasted these to the bottom of the post so that the discussion can continue if someone wants it to, because I think it was broken off before it was finished with, by one of the kids casually announcing they'd just shared my blog address with someone else. *Panic* :-)


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