Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Gatto - A Coal-Fired Dream World - Nov 06

From Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"A mass production economy can neither be created nor sustained without a levelled population, one conditioned to mass habits, mass tastes, mass enthusiasms, predictable mass behaviours. The will of both maker and purchaser had to give way to the predestined output of machinery with a one-track mind.

"Nothing posed a more formidable obstacle than the American family. Traditionally, a self-sufficient production unit for which the marketplace played only an incidental role, the American family grew and produced its own food, cooked and served it; made its own soap and clothing. And provided its own transportation, entertainment, health care and old age assistance. It entered freely into cooperative associations with neighbours, not with corporations. If that way of life had continued successfully - as it has for the modern Amish - it would have spelled curtains for corporate society."

John Taylor Gatto
The Underground History
of American Education
Chapter 8 - A Coal-Fired Dream World

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