Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: A conversation in our guild chat today - Nov 06

From Tuesday, November 07, 2006

N (15): Boo hoo, I have to go to school soon.

Me: Ew. Poor you.

U (22): Don't complain! My dad always told me, and I didn't believe him until I started working, that your school years are the best years of your life. They are.

Me: Rubbish. I disagree. My school years were horrible. I wasn't happy until I'd left the dump.

U (22): It beats working though.

Me: How?

U (22): No bills, no mortgage. You get to finish at 3pm.

Me: And that's it?

U (22): Well, yeah. No worries. You just have to sit there pretending to concentrate all day.

Me: As opposed to work, where you... just have to sit there, pretending to concentrate all day?

U (22): Yes but at least you don't have to worry about paying your bills while you're doing it.

Me: Great. Is that all there is to life then?

U (22): No, if you work hard to get to go to Uni and have a laugh.

Me: You have to work hard and go to Uni to have a laugh?

U(22): Yeah, as well as study. Beats working.

Me: How?

U(22): Well you get loans and credit cards thrown at you. Free money. Party party.

Me: So you can start working and worry about paying even more bills?

U (22): Yeah, but you just put off worrying about that.

Me: Ever thought there might be any different ways of living? Like, not doing any of that stuff at all?

U (22): Not really, no.

Me: OK :-)

I didn't bother saying anything else. But I am sometimes asked by them what I do for a job. "Home educate my children," I say. I usually just get comments like, "Wow, I wish you were my mum." But it never seems to occur to people that they have choices too.

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