Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Boredom - Apr 05

From Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lou reminded me that I said I'd post something about boredom, so here it is:

I think boredom is a *good thing*, especially when it's unbearable, because it's a time when important developments are brewing inside of us.

Boredom is not something that can or should be cured by another person.

I think it's very important for the bored person to find their own solutions, unaided, to allow the developmental process to take place properly - even though they might give other people a hard time when they get to the really unbearable part. This time is when it's most important they be allowed to find their own solution 100% by themselves. It's the darkest bit of night that happens just before the dawn.

Sometimes people become dependant on others to cure their boredom. I think this is unhealthy, because it constantly thwarts the person's developmental process.

Sometimes other things are masked as boredom: the person might want more love or attention from another person and the best way they can think of getting it is by complaining of boredom. In this case I'd supply the love and attention, but not suggest cures for boredom.

I would never, ever suggest a cure for boredom to anyone, especially not my children because I think it's best for them to find their own solutions. As a result of this, my children rarely complain of boredom and rarely seem bored.

(I need to think on the other subject a bit more, Lou. It might not be today! But I'm working on it. xxx)

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