Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finding Scotland, and other learning

Lyddie has become quite obsessed with all things Scotland. Yesterday, she wanted to find it on the map (which rather surprised me as I thought she knew where it was!) and for us to list all the characters, people, places and food that we knew to be Scottish. I mentioned that Scotland and England were not always friends and we got to talking about Hadrian's Wall and looking at pictures. I think an impromtu road trip might be in order at some point, when I've got the car working properly. (We got a new alternator but it's still a bit ropey.)

She's also been dictating more stories for me to write in the story folder and playing computer games that require text input, so strengthening the need to spell words properly and find letters on the keyboard reasonably quickly.

I think there is some learning going on about which I'm probably not aware too. And it does seem strange to be only writing about one of my five children's learning. I wonder if this is because she's the only one currently at the dreaded compulsory school age. If so, I'm ashamed of myself.

But I think it might be more to do with the fact that the older ones are on self-directed learning paths which often aren't shared with me (though I did see some pretty amazing graphics the other day) and the little one is learning how to talk, and run, and jump and climb and play. I could tell you about that I suppose, but it would only take three words: It's all good.


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