Friday, November 17, 2006

Re-post: Jehovah's Witnesses - May 05

From Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Have just had a chat with Margharita the Italian Jehovah's Witness. I usually find JWs to be very nice people and this one is no exception but try as I might I can't get around the evangelical ethos. I like to talk to people - anyone! People I like, people I don't like, people I know and complete strangers. I think everyone has a message for us, something to tell us or teach us - usually something they're not aware of themselves.

But why do they think we must we all share the same religious beliefs? I just can't understand it. It's like saying we should all wear blue clothes or have red hair. There's nothing wrong with blue clothes or red hair, but some people like different colour, and most people like a variety of colours. Some people really don't like blue or red at all. What's wrong with that?

We need the whole picture to be complete. We need every individual to think and believe exactly what they think and believe. Everyone has their own vital piece of the jigsaw. It's no good knocking on doors trying to persuade people that really, their piece should be identical to your piece. I can't see the sense in it.

Anyway, I told her this and then we had a nice chat about growing potatoes instead.

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