Sunday, February 11, 2007

ABC meme, complete with rants

Found this meme on another blog which I won't link to because it was just too slushy for words.

A- Available or married?
That's the choice? Pah.

B- Best Friend?
Whoever's being fun & friendly at the time. Usually one of the kids. I'm very fickle though ^^

C- Cake or Pie?
Yuck to both. But I could be tempted by Quorn and mushroom pie, on a bad day, I suppose. With garden peas.

D- Drink of Choice?
Tea. PG, all the way.

E- Essential Item?
Sling. *Blows kiss to Tracy*.

F- Favorite Colour?
Oh come on. What kind of meme is this? Stupid inane questions.. White ATM I suppose. *Rolls eyes.*

G- Gummi Bears or Worms?
Worms. The garden variety.

H- Hometown?
Halifax, land of the big X in the sky ;-)

I- Indulgence?
A fresh Daily Mail to grumble at, whilst eating smoked salmon, fresh lasagne sheets, avacado, garlic mayo.. Ack, got to go shopping now ^^

J-January or February?
January or February what?

K- Kids & names?
Yes they all have them, thanks :-)

L- Life is incomplete without?
Breathing. Tends to make things a little, um... dead...

M-Marriage Date?
Ooh, ooh, I know this! *Gets calculator out..* *Digs through old papers, finds 20 yr-old calendar..* No, wait, I do remember..
It was the 20th December 1988.

N- Number of Siblings? Two, last time I checked. One full, one half. And 4 step-siblings. Six then, kind of.

O- Oranges or apples?
...... Silly question time again. Not playing! *Taps foot impatiently.*

P- Phobias/Fears? Mice. Ew. *Shudder*. And we won't talk about their big hairy cousins. They just don't exist except in my worst nightmares.

Q-Favourite Quote? Right now it's this, cos I read it this morning and thought: wow:

"Spiritually contented people are dangerous for a variety of reasons. They don’t make reliable servants because they won’t jump at every command. They test what is requested against a code of moral principle. Those who are spiritually secure can’t easily be driven to sacrifice family relations. Corporate and financial capitalism are hardly possible on any massive scale once a population finds its spiritual center,"
by this man:

R- Reason to Smile?
I smile a lot. Don't usually need a reason. It can be kind of unnerving, I guess.

S- Season?
*Looks outside* Late winter, by the looks of things. Sheesh, my eyes are starting to ache, I'm rolling them so much.

T- Tag three people! Here's one for Louise, Manda (just cos I love comparing those twin answers!) and Merry. Your challenge is to complete this meme less grumpily than I did! (Not difficult..!)

U- Unknown fact about me:
After 2.4 years of blogging? There are none! I'm an open book ^^

V- Very...?
Temperamental, if I'm honest ;-) I'm an arrrteest, dahhlink! ok I'm not really. There is no excuse whatsoever.

W- Worst habit?
Blogging. But, you know, I could give it up any time I wanted to...

X-X-treme, X-cessive, X-ceedingly good?:
Oh dear, they were a bit desperate there, weren't they? It would depend who you asked, but yes to all three no doubt, sometimes. In what areas? You might very well ask that question. I couldn't possibly comment... Oh no, he died! *Cry, mourn* The world will be a poorer place..

Y- Your favourite food?
Tiramisu - the really good quality stuff, but it doesn't pass my lips nowadays. I'd be on a sugar high for a week, and drunk.

Z- Zippers, Buttons, or Velcro?
Gah, don't be nosy! ^^


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonna ignore all the rest, but that quote! Wow, i'm printing it off for my collection of wisdoms.

Sod it I will comment on one more thing - Iain Richardson - sob indeed! Loved House of Cards, hope they repeat it in tribute soon. Got the books though so I think I may have to dig them out to re read.

3:08 pm, February 11, 2007  
Blogger merry said...

*rolls eyes at Gill*
If i can think of better questions, can i rewrite the quiz?

3:18 pm, February 11, 2007  
Blogger Gill said...

Yes! Do it, Merry! It's obviously desperately needed :-)

3:21 pm, February 11, 2007  
Blogger Gill said...

"hope they repeat it in tribute soon."

Me too Tech, definitely.

4:34 pm, February 11, 2007  

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