Friday, September 05, 2014

Safety warning for families

From Knowsley, Liverpool area:

Thurs 4th September 2014 · Liverpool ·

"Hi all. Just wanted to give you all a heads-up/warning about something that happened to me today.

An older man in his late 40's early 50's came up my path and approached my children and their friend who were playing in the back garden supervised by myself and another adult from the kitchen. He asked them where their mummy was and hearing him from the kitchen I went to the door.

He was wearing an identity badge around his neck and carrying a clip-board he was scribbling on which was obscuring the badge.

Without introducing himself he asked why my kids weren't in school? I asked who he was and where he was from and he said he was an 'education welfare officer'. I then told him my kids were home educated and he asked to come inside. I refused and asked him to send me something out in writing. He then said 'have I asked for permission to home educate?' I told him I didn't need permission, my son was legally de-registered and I'd been in contact with education services. He again forcefully asked me to let him in and I again refused.

He then said I needed to fill a form in and request permission to home educate, I told him that was not true and I was well aware of my legal responsibilities which had all been met. He was not happy that I was not complying and was acting aggressive and pushy but luckily I was not home alone and we did get him to leave, although he almost ran down one of us as he was leaving abruptly in his car.

I contacted education services immediately and they have said he was definitely not a member of any of our local education services and we should contact the police immediately. The police have taken a report and are concerned as all of his behaviour was illegal and unprofessional and are investigating this as a report of a suspicious male and a bogus official.

Please all take extra care and be aware that anyone official has to inform you in writing if they are visiting you. You also have no responsibility to allow ANYONE into your home, and please make sure you see proper identity before engaging with any cold calling 'officials'. This happened at 2.30 today in Knowsley."