Sunday, November 29, 2009

Please don't be surveyed by OFSTEd

It is clear from recent exchanges with OFSTEd as well as their track record, that their recent attempt to try out a dry run of the kind of inspection regime of home educators, that they would like to take on as new work for themselves, would be to the detriment of home educators, and that there is nothing to be gained from assisting OFSTEd in their ambitions over us by supplying them with vital intelligence useful in creating this new role for themselves. As with the government, their interest is clearly predatory upon us, and the exercise assumes a change in the law mandating such inspections, which home educators are currently vigorously fighting to prevent.

Collaborating with this unwanted and illegitimate exercise in any way cannot be in home educator's best interests. It is therefore respectfully suggested to the local home education groups in the 15 designated LEAs, that they decline to meet with OFSTEd, or complete their questionnare, stating their reasons if they wish.

****Please feel free to cross post this message freely to all lists, blogs and social media - especially to local lists within the 15 designated counties.****

Neil Taylor Moore,
Barbara Stark
Julie Gilbert
Lizelle Denton
Kevin Denton
Louisa Herbs
Gill Kilner
Sarita Goacher
Background Information:
Ofsted memorandum in response to the Badman consultation :

Letter to Christine Gilbert, Head of Ofsted, sent by the Badman Review Action Group


Blogger Maire said...

Well said.

2:17 pm, November 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend has already refused to cooperate with Ofsted. There are very few Home ed familis in her area and I am fairly sure hardly any will cooperate.

I would really like to know a bit about the kind of people who are willing to do this kind of dirty work for the Government.

3:49 pm, November 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that your link to the Ofsted memo doesn't seem to be intact. Could you republish please?

Can I find records of the exchanges with Ofsted? Is it really true, for instance, that they think it a good idea for registered home ed chidren to wear badges while out, to distinguish them from truants and the unregistered? Is it also true they sent out a questionnaire asking for hours spent on pottery, but not history, geography, or languages? This seems unbelievable.

6:38 pm, November 29, 2009  
Anonymous suzyg said...

I'm planning to respond to the Ofsted questionnaire. It's very poorly designed. My daughter (15) wondered if it had been written by someone who was drunk. There is no clear indication of their terms of reference or what will happen to their alleged data. I intend to point these things out. I've never been impressed with Ofsted, but now have evidence of their incompetence. This body is supposed to be inspecting schools????

I also plan to attend our local meeting. There are actually three forms of response to the Ofsted survey - co-operation, non-engagement, and opposition. I am in the latter category.

7:58 am, November 30, 2009  

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