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Re-post: Those squishy letters - Oct 06

From Saturday, October 07, 2006

We're a bit unsure about what kind of fabric to use for some of our squishy letters and I'm hoping to get ideas from people who read this.

The fabric has to give a clue about what the letter sound is, furthermore it has to be a clue that will make sense to a 4/5 year-old, so colours like 'aubergine', 'apricot' or 'avocado' are out! It can be a more obvious colour - like green fabric for the letter G, for example. Or the clue can be in the pattern or texture of the fabric. We're using silky fabric for S shapes and dotty (polka dot) fabric for our Ds. But again this has to be fairly obvious so that a four-year old makes the association straight away.

I'll type out the list of letters below so you can see which ones we have solutions for and which ones we haven't. Any suggestions appreciated!

a : we're a bit stuck on this one. Suggestions so far include 'acrobat'- which might work for a capital A but wouldn't for a small one. 'Apple'- someone said make the letter red and add green leaves and a stalk. But it would still have to be 'a', not apple-shaped, so I think it might be a bit obscure for a young child. The best I can think of so far is to try & find some fabric printed with tiny apples, or make some of our own, and make the 'a' out of that.

b : this will either be black, blue, or if Lyddie gets her way, yellow and black striped like a bee.

c : we're making a crinkly 'c' out of that permanently creased-looking fabric.

d : we'll use polka dot fabric to make a Dotty 'd'.

e : another difficult one. Totally stuck.

f : flowery or frilly fabric.

g : green fabric.

h : we'll try to find something 'hairy' for 'h'.

i : we have no idea what to make the 'i's out of.

j : not sure here, but if we're still stuck we can insert little bells into the stuffing to make Jingly 'j's.

k : the only thing I can think to do is to is to add a little boot and make a kicking 'k'.

l : we're making lacy 'l's.

m : we haven't thought of anything yet, except moon-printed fabric, which wouldn't be ideal.

n : night-sky type fabric maybe, with stars etc.

o : our 'o's are orange.

p : our 'p's will be pink.

q : we're going to stitch a golden crown around the top, so our 'q's will be queens.

r : these will be red.

s : our 's's are silky.

t : the only think I can think to do use some kind of 'torn' effect fabric. Could do with a better idea.

u : we're stuck on this one.

v : these will be velvet.

w : wavy-printed fabric.

x : we're stuck on this one.

y : yellow.

z : I'll stitch zips into our 'z's.

So, we're stuck on a, e, i, m, t, u and x. Help!

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